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A fortnight ago, I was startled awake by a ruckus! I hurriedly pulled on my nightcap, lit a candle, and staggered down into the laboratory, where I discovered my giant vulture had escaped his enclosure! (Well, he's not so much a vulture anymore. Maybe 30% vulture. But I digress...) He had found a stash of old magazines and he was eating them as fast as he could, fearing they would be taken from him. Unfortunately, it was entirely too much for his newly altered digestive tract, and he therefore vomited up the pages almost as quickly as he was eating them. I wrestled him back into his enclosure, whipped him soundly, and returned to bed.

The following day I assembled the vomited pages into tiny books. This one is called "Screw-Down."

3 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 3/4"

Paper, ink, Stabilo pencil, metal and elastic

» Tagged: Mini-Sharts, Mixed Media